In today’s world of unlimited options and copycat products, where several businesses offer similar products or services, companies need a way to influence a consumer’s buying decisions. 

A brand personality can help you differentiate yourself from competitors and allows you to influence your consumers buying decisions. But, what is “brand personality” and how can you use it to influence the buying decisions of your target audience? Continue reading below to find out.

What is Brand Personality?

A brand personality is primarily an expression of your company’s unique story, values and culture. It’s often confused with your brand voice, but it’s much more than the brand voice as it aligns the words used in your promotions and marketing with your values and actions.

When you have a brand personality, you are pushing your business to stand out from the crowd, thus increasing your brand recall and highlighting the uniqueness of your products or services.

5 Ways to Use Brand Personality to Influence Buyers

A brand personality is quite useful for influencing buyers to purchase decisions. Here are the five ways to use brand personality to influence buyers.


You need to ensure that your products and services do what you promise to your buyers. Back up your claims with social proof such as testimonials. Social proof and testimonials, combined with your brand story, will create a credible image of your brand in the eyes of your buyers.

Maintaining a credible brand helps build a strong brand personality that fosters trust between your business and your customers.

A trusted brand has a higher chance of withstanding competition and can help your business to thrive longer compared to those that are not.


In today’s age of multi-channel marketing, a brand needs to maintain the consistency in terms of the message which they deliver across all marketing platforms. A brand’s personality is essentially a static and intangible item which can’t be changed overnight. 

You need to convey the same message about your brand consistently, not only to your customers and prospects but to the public in general. This will help you win their trust and allow you to influence their buying decisions.


You need to make sure your communication is crystal clear. The hallmark of all great brands means being able to deliver the necessary information without any excess. By being honest and straightforward, you will be able to persuade your customers without any need of manipulating them.

Clarity allows you to build long-term relationships with clients where they don’t feel as if they have been manipulated by using any bait or switch marketing strategy where the business promises one thing but delivers something different.

Customer Context

You need to be mindful of your customer’s needs while crafting a message. The message crafted by you and delivered to customers also needs to show empathy for their needs and must make them feel that you understand their concerns. Words drafted with your customers need in mind will have the power to convince them to make a purchase.

Context can make or break a brand. It’s also why you should invest in a solid content marketing strategy that can effectively boost your brand’s personality.


The character of a brand is mainly made of its intrinsic culture, beliefs, vision, and how you do things. You need to be comfortable telling people your point of view but you must express it in the right way.

Your brand’s character allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. When you differentiate your brand, you are opening your door to opportunities that only your business alone provide solutions.


You need a bit of preparation beforehand to create your brand personality. Developing your brand personality is more like embarking on a journey of self-discovery as you need to define your organization’s culture, vision, beliefs, and values to create a brand personality.

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