Online marketing is mainly composed of inbound and outbound marketing.  Of the two types of marketing, inbound now is much preferred by most businessmen and companies.  One of the major strategies in inbound marketing (which are being used by most startups to gain online exposure) is Search Engine Optimization.  But, with the latest algorithm updates from Google, its monopoly in the search industry is taking a toll onto search marketing professionals, most especially SEOs.

With Google’s latest search updates (which are being implemented here and there), lots of websites suffer and even those webpages most people don’t expect to get penalized were being thrown to the sandbox.  Your law firm website could be the next.

Law Firm Marketing After Panda and Penguin

Just like any other websites, your law firm portal could be penalized if you are not updated with the latest search algorithm changes.  Since most organic traffic comes from Google, most search engine optimization campaigns are focused on gaining organic rankings from the Big G.  SEO professionals have no other choice but to comply on whatever rules they set.

To avoid de-indexation and other kinds of penalty, your law firm’s SEO campaign should be in synced with Google Search’s latest algorithm updates.  As both updates (Panda and Penguin) are mainly focused on quality of content, now is the time to let go of old SEO tactics and prioritize more in improving content relevancy and user experience.

Anchor texts fully matched with your target keywords don’t work anymore, as well as creating countless back-links from forum profiles and other spam or non-relevant pages.  Google has already announced on March that they made some improvements on how their program interprets anchor texts.  On the other hand, over-optimized websites are now being punished by the Penguin.

How to Keep your Law Firm Website Panda-and-Penguin-Free?

There are three important factors to consider if you are revising your website to avoid penalties.  First, develop great and enticing contents; second be more social, and third don’t focus more on link-building.

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