Unlike Google Wave and other “experimental” social media platforms previously developed by Google (which have already been thrown away to the trash bin), Google+ has so far exceeded the expectations of some skeptics who are prone to the search giant’s epic failures when it comes to its social media ventures.  The big G’s recent integration of Google Places (now known as Google+ Local) to its social media banner website, is something most online marketing professionals and business owners have been keeping their eyes into.

Why Lawyers Should Care about Google+?

For lawyers (or law firms) who hugely depend their conversions and leads through their online presence in websites and social media pages, maximizing Google+’s potentials to increase search ranking and website traffic is a step towards a more consistent and steady flow of income and profits.

If you are not so familiar with Google+, you may wonder what kinds of opportunities you can create once you are inside the network.  The answers lies within Google itself – Search.  Just imagine the billions of searches performed daily in Google Search wherein Google+ can directly influence.  Yes, you read this right.  Google put too much effort in Google+ because they are determined to make their millions of search users patronize their social media platform as well.

Ways Lawyers Can Benefit from Google+

Your Google+ page can directly influence your website’s visibility.  This is basically true as Google nowadays doesn’t only depend on the number of back-links a website has, but also how it is being rated by real people in social media networks.  Through Google+, Google Search can now easily quantify “social interactions” received by a certain website and use it to rank webpages to appear on top of its search results pages.  This is just one of its advantages.

For lawyers who want to establish their presence in Google+, continue reading below on how you can take advantage of the benefits you can get from the search giant’s social network system.

1. Make use of Google+ targeted streamlines.  An original feature of Google+ that can’t be found in other social media networks is its capacity to streamline contents directly to a specific circle you want them to appear.   If you have a blog post about the latest DUI news in New York, your content will only be visible to those people in your circles who are from New York or those people you think are interested and can become your potential clients.  Of course, you can make it visible to everyone by setting it to public, but having a quantifiable target audience can help you to easily measure your content’s impact and reach.  This, then, gives you an opportunity to improve what needs to be improved.

2. Take advantage of its major SEO benefits.  As what has been stated earlier, one of the main advantages of having a Google+ page is the SEO benefits it can channel onto your website and other online properties.  Google+ is designed by Google as the social media hub that integrates its most important business and social applications wherein relevant interactions and activities are fostered by its growing millions of users.  As your Google+ friends social interactions can influence your web searches, there is no denying how much the social network can affect search rankings and web authority in the future.  So, while it is still early, you can jump ahead and create your first Google+ page.  If you need any help on how to start your very first business page, you can always ask the help of experienced Google SEO experts.

3. Create more opportunities by making use of its “social tools”.  The share and +1 will gain more and more authority as the social network grows into a more cohesive community that doesn’t only promote friendship but also serious business and activities than can influence search results and rankings.  Giving your contents a +1 can even influence your friends’ searches.  They will be more delighted to see your contents on top of Google’s SERPs.

4. Recruit your friends and create ways to encourage them to like your Google+ contents.  Building a new following in Google+ is not easy.  So start with the very basic strategy.  Encourage your friends to try Google+ and have fun exploring the new social site.  Let them discover the dynamics that separates the social network from other social media websites.  Create contents wherein they can totally relate even though they are not from the legal industry. Always remember that your friends are your best source of referrals because they can vouch for your ability and authenticity.

5. Create a Google+ Local page to attract more potential clients.  If you don’t have a listing yet in Google Places, it is likely that you will start creating your business page either in Google+ Local or Google+ Business Page (equivalent to Facebook Fan Page).  If you need assistance in setting up your business page and you prefer to have someone oversee your social media campaign, you can hire an experienced lawyer marketing expert to free you from the hassle of starting a campaign from scratch.

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