Most small businesses nowadays use WordPress as the content management system (CMS) for both their blogs and websites.  This is because WordPress has all the basic elements and functionalities to create better content, blog design, and implement better SEO.

WordPress is the Most in Demand CMS Software

WordPress is the most popular web CMS.  According to statistics, as of March 2012, WordPress is on 72.4 million different websites around the globe.  Fifty percent of these websites are hosted in and the other 50 percent are self-hosted (installed in various web hosting servers).   Forty-eight percent of Technorati’s top 100 blogs currently used WordPress as their CMS. vs.

A lot of people are confused what’s the difference between and  When it comes to how the software basically works, there’s really not much of difference.  The major difference has to do with control, customization, and ownership.

In, you can install the software to your desired web hosting server and you are free to customize the CMS in whatever way you want it to appear to your audience. On the other hand, in, you don’t have control of the overall design and functionality of your blog or website as the software is not hosted in your own server.  This makes an ideal option for small businesses and serious bloggers.

Top Reasons Why WordPress Means Better Blog Design and SEO

WordPress doesn’t become the famous and most used CMS for no reasons.  Below are the top reasons why using it promotes better blog design and SEO.

1.  Very Easy to Install Plugins – Of all web CMS, WordPress offers the largest variety of plugins that can help improve your blog design and SEO.  These plugins are very easy to install because you only need to upload the original zipped folders.  No need to unzip or any other procedures that can confuse neophyte users.

2.  More Availability of Web or Blog Designers – As there are many companies who use WordPress as CMS for their websites, you won’t have any problems looking for developers and designers who can help you in customizing your blog or website design.

3.  Easy to Control and Customize – WordPress is one of the most user friendly CMS that you don’t need to be a programmer to develop your own website.  It has an uncomplicated admin panel and it enables high end customization through the use of plugins.

4.  Search Engine Friendly – WordPress blogs and websites are easier to optimize for search engines because it is highly customizable (easy to edit codes for onsite SEO).  There are also lots of plugins that can instantly help in improving search engine visibility.

5.  Absolutely Free – The WordPress CMS software is absolutely free.  You don’t need to credit WordPress as a return for using their software.  As the creators of the software don’t require you to credit them, you are not compelled to put their site’s link on your footer or sidebar.

6.  More Secure than any other CMS Software – Better blog design and SEO are important factors of a successful website but these factors will become useless if you will find your website being hacked and rendered useless by cyber criminals whose main intention is to experiment and destroy the web.  WordPress developers are always updating its CMS version to heighten security and lessen the software’s vulnerability.

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