Simple and Effective Blog Design Tips for Beginners

February 29, 2012 (1VIZABILITY.COM - Design Tips)

Blog is one of the most effective media platforms being used by netizens all over the web.   It is used by online marketing professionals to build brand and promote products.  Aside from content quality, a blog design is one of the important factors that separate famous and successful blogs from the unsuccessful ones.  For beginners, or those who want to learn how to become a successful blogger, it is very important that you implement the right blog design before launching your blog site.

Before you start tweaking your very firs blog, be sure to familiarize its important components.  Start with its navigational structure (the header menu, the sidebar, and the footer), its body (where you publish your article), to its other elements like the categories, comments, and archives.  These are the basic parts of your blog that you should take into consideration if you are planning to have an effective design.

As you are still new to all these blogging mumbo-jumbo, it is more appropriate to keep you in sync with the basic things you need to know in maintaining a simple and effective blog design.  Below are some useful blog design tips for new bloggers.

 Select a simple yet appealing theme – Simple themes are good to look at and are safe to use.  Since you are still a beginner, it is important to stick with non-complex themes to enable you to understand the workings of a blog.  Also, there’s elegance in simplicity that gives your blog a winning streak.

Create relevant categories – Categories are part of your blog’s navigational properties and should be created according to your niche or the topics you publish.  They are very helpful when it comes to segregating topics and later on, as navigational links to check for old or archived topics.

Create a Blogroll on your sidebar –This roll features other blogs with the same niche as yours.  Displaying a list of links on your sidebar which lead to other blogs is a way of telling netizens that you are open for cross-promotion and you accept link trades.  This also gives your readers alternative sources of relevant information.

Display recent comments – Displaying the most recent comments on your blog doesn’t only encourage your new readers to comment but will also tell your audience that you have a very active blog community and that you give importance to the opinions and suggestions of your visitors.

Install a search box – This is one of the most important components of your blog design that you should not forget to install.  Having a search box at the upper right or left corner of your site enables your readers to easily find topics that they want to read or share.

Display email subscription box – Netizens are still fond of reading stuff through email.  This is the reason why it is still important to display an email subscription box for those readers of yours who prefer to read your new published posts in their inbox.

Always remember to practice consistency in your blog design implementation and avoid too much display of advertisements on your blog.  Most people hate ads most especially those ones that would just pop up from nowhere.

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